Ingesting Closed Captions Using CSV Manifest Files

You can ingest closed captions files using CSV manifest files.

To ingest closed caption files using a CSV Manifest File:

  1. Create the CSV manifest file using the format described in Ingesting Closed Caption Files. For closed caption ingestion to occur, the first line of the CSV file must include the <subTitle> column heading.
  2. Add a new line for each video you want to ingest. For each row where you want to include closed captions, under the subTitle column heading, specify the filename/URL where the closed caption file is located.
  3. Upload the closed caption file(s), the CSV manifest file, and any other files (such as videos) to the FTP/Web server.
  4. After the applicable files have been uploaded, upload the CSV metadata file you created to the FTP/Web server.
When all the files are uploaded, Backlot begins ingesting the files.

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