Playerless Pods for ThemeBuilder

In Theme Builder, pods are invisible containers for playlists that let users view playlists with the player. Pods can be created without a player.


Before you start creating playerless pods, consider the following:

  • Playerless pods require Player v3.
  • To load any pod, a call to<player_branding_id> must be made, as is usually the case. The player_branding_id used must have the Playlists module enabled. For additional information about player_branding_id, see Managing Players Using the Backlot REST API.
  • Playlist styling must be configured in order to load default values. See Player Third-Party Modules for information on how to apply styling parameters to playlists.

Create a Playerless Pod

OO.Pod.create(div_element, [playlist1, playlist2], {options});

Route Variables

The following table describes all variables pertinent to creating a playerless pod.

Variable Description
div_element The pod is put in the <div> and sized accordingly. For more information about the div_element, see Basic Player Tutorial.
options The pod's styling defaults to the properties specified when the playlist was associated with the player. This options hash can override the player's styling. Properties that can be used for this variable are listed at Player Third-Party Modules
playlist1, playlist2, ... An array of playlist_ids to be included in the pod. Requires a minimum of 1 playlist_id.

Default Behavior When Users Click a Video

When a viewer clicks on a video, the default setting is to redirect the user to the permanent URL where the video is embedded (contained in the hosted_at property. The hosted_at property is configured on the asset level. For more information on hosted_at, see Asset Properties by Asset Types

Link Pods to an Existing Player

To link a pod to a pre-existing player, the customer can add a linkedPlayer option in the options hash.

Note: This option only works if the Ooyala player already exists.
OO.Pod.create(div_element, [playlist1,playlist2], {linkedPlayer:window.player_object});

If this is set, clicking on a particular video in the pod will call setEmbedCode() on the linked player to actually play the video.

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