Changing the Metadata (Deprecated)

To improve search engine optimization (SEO), you can display the title, description, and metadata on the web page.

Note: Ooyala Player V3 has been deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled. For details and alternatives, see the OVP Release Notes.

To change metadata:

  1. Open the web_example.php file.
  2. Navigate to the mainclass.
  3. Make any changes to the title:
    <h1 id="video-title">Title </h1>

    The content of the element is ignored and will contain the content specified by the id attribute. For example, if a video has the title “My Awesome Skateboarding Dog Video” and you want make it appear as: “The Criterion Collection: My Awesome Skateboarding Dog Video”, you would replace it with the following:

          <h1>The Criterion Collection: <i id="video-title"> Title </i></h1>
  4. Make any changes to the description:
    <p id="description">Description</p>
  5. Add any metadata. For example:
    <p id="director" class="meta"></p>
         <p id="release_year" class="meta"></p>
         <p id="rotten_tomatoes_rating" class="meta"></p>

    If the video does not have the specified metadata, the content will be blank.

  6. Make any changes to the layout of Discovery recommendations in the related_video_container and trending-video-container classes.
  7. Save the file and restart the server.

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