Swap High Availability (HA) Channels

Swap sub-channels of an HA channel without stopping any of the channels

You must have at least 2 channels, either 24x7 or Adhoc, configured.
To swap channels within an HA channel all channels must be in the same state. For hot swapping a channel all the the channels must be in a running state.
  1. Got to the Channel Details page for the HA channel.

  2. Click the edit icon next to the sub-channels.
  3. Click the dropdown list for the channel you want to swap.
    Important: The top dropdown list is the Priority 1 channel and the second dropdown list is the Priority 2 channel.

    All channels available for swapping are listed for both the Priority 1 and the Priority 2 channel.

  4. Click SAVE.
Go to the monitor tab of the HA channel and verify that the channel was swapped and the correct one is playing.
Tip: If the new sub-channel isn't playing in the HA Channel monitor window, click REFRESH.
  • The Priority 1 sub-channel streams the content of the HA channel.
  • The Priority 2 sub-channel is in a warm standby mode in case the Priority 1 sub-channel fails.
Important: Swapping out a sub-channel does not stop the channel. To avoid transcoding charges, stop any channel that is no longer one of an HA sub-channel and that you no longer need.

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