Basic Channel Encoding Setup

Encoding setup enables basic parameters and features for the typical Live channel. Some of the parameters and features are only available with specific profiles.

  1. Complete the Encoding Setup.
    Encoding Setup Page Considerations
    Live Channel Encoding Setup Page
    • The initial Ooyala Live account configuration constrains your choices when creating channels.
    • Encoding Setup is dependent on the Packaging Partner selection you make.
    • Encoder Location
    • Encoder Input Profile constrain or enable certain features.
      • Playlists—you must select a "Simulated Live - Input" profile to add playlists that allow streaming of VOD assets from Backlot.
    • Encoder Output Profile
    • Clipping—Clipping lets you take small segments or clips from your live stream and store them Backlot for rebroadcasting.
      • Clipping is a profile dependent feature. You must have an Ooyala representative enable your Live profile for clipping before you will see the Clipping option.
      • The Clipping buffer size is determined by the DVR window size.
    • Input 1
      • Input Name Versioniong
    • Input 2—is typically a video or image file your channle will stream if the live stream is interrupted.
    • Output 1
    • For more information about the Encoding Setup page, see Encoding Setup.
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