Styling Player V3 with Inline CSS (Deprecated)

You can style Player V3 with inline CSS.

Note: Ooyala Player V3 has been deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled. For details and alternatives, see the OVP Release Notes.
In the previous example we demonstrated how to use a separate css file, myvideo.css, to define your css customizations. You can also use inline css styles in your web page. You can use either an external css file or use inline css to define styles for the div container of your player or for your player itself. Both will work.


In the following example, on the myvideo.html page, we use an inline css statement to give the player start button a background color of red and also give the control panel the background color of red. Note that the player elements have an oo_ prefix.

css: '#playerwrapper

.oo_promo div.oo_start_button { background-color: red; }
#playerwrapper div.oo_controls { background-color:red; opacity:0.8;}',

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