Slicing-and-Dicing Your Video Details

On the MANAGE page, you can sort and filter your video details to focus on precisely what interests you.

You can use the hierarchical view in the left navigation panel on the MANAGE page to "filter" (or "slice-and-dice") the list of videos on the right to see specific types of videos.

Consider the example navigation panel shown below:

You can click on any entry in the panel to limit the view on the right to videos that match that entry you click. In this example, the channel named Trainspotting has been selected.

Other examples:
  • Click any of the Status entries to see videos that have that status.
  • If you want to see live videos that have the Hockey label, under Status click Live and under All Labels click Hobbies > Hockey
  • If you want to see all videos belonging to your Subaccount1, under Accounts, click Subaccount1.
  • Only videos for Subaccount1: under Content Types click Video, and under Accounts, click Subaccount1.

As you can see, there are many other possible ways to sort and view your assets.

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