Discovery UI CTR Report (for API Usage)

The Discovery UI CTR Report measures the effectiveness of Discovery recommendations requested from a Discovery API and presented in a content carousel or panel on the site. Discovery UI Clickthrough Rate (CTR) is defined as the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of impressions of carousels sourcing content from a Discovery API request.

Report File Name

The report file name is Discovery_ui_ctr_<yyyymmdd><yyyymmdd><PID>.csv.

Report Fields

The report includes the following fields.
Field Description
UI_TAG An optional string used to identify the UI carousel or panel. Clicks or impressions reported through the Discovery Feedback Loop without a UI Tag will be classified as DEFAULT. A UI Tag of 0 is used to provide the aggregate CTR.
Date The date for the CTR.
Clicks The number of clicks.
Impressions The number of impressions.

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