YouTube Videos

A YouTube video is a video hosted by YouTube and played through the Ooyala player.

This enables you to:

  • Maintain a consistent look and feel across your site with the Ooyala player or your custom player.
  • Leverage the use of Ooyala's rich APIs for an integrated and customized experience.
  • Gain insight and maintain the benefits of Ooyala's leading analytics for all videos in your account.
  • Discover supplemental content for your site from Youtube, the Internet's largest video library.
  • Apply time, geographic, or domain-based rules to the content.
  • Leverage Ooyala's intuitive and comprehensive tools to manage, syndicate, customize and analyze YouTube content along with your own content.

YouTube videos are sourced from YouTube, are not downloaded to your account, are not transcoded by Ooyala, and are not applied to your delivery or managed content allowances. As a result, all videos will contain a YouTube watermark and will be delivered using the best quality YouTube can provide based on the embed size of the player.

Because Backlot does not transcode YouTube videos, it does not generate any preview images and the content cannot be played back on iOS devices.

YouTube content might not always be available to the player. For example, videos might be removed, videos might be restricted based on YouTube publisher rules, or access to YouTube might be blocked by a viewer’s company or institution.

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