(Deprecated) Insight

Note: The Insight Reporting UI and Insight Reporting REST API have now been deprecated and Ooyala will no longer provide any support from 30 March 2018. Reports requiring data prior to 1 March 2016 should be pulled in Insight and stored elsewhere before end of life (30 March 2018). If you are still using Insight Reporting UI or Insight Reporting REST API, you need to migrate to Custom Reporting and Custom Reporting API as soon as possible. Contact your Ooyala representative for details.
Insight is a reporting tool which can break down your data into the following parts:
  • Filters: define what part of the data in the data engine is of interest,
  • Dimensions: define how to break down the data in the report output,
  • Metrics: define the data points that you want to display in the report. Each metric is displayed in a separate column in the final report.
Insight is used to:
  • define and pull reports for data that has already been aggregated,
  • define reports on unaggregated data to pull the reports at a later date, and
  • share reports with third parties.

When should you use Insight?

  • When you require quick access to performance reports at campaign or category level, for example to provide feedback to clients on their campaigns and to monitor fill rate across inventory segments.

When should you not use Insight?

  • When you require potentially highly complex data combinations, which are not suitable for this tool. When attempting to create such a template, the user is informed if complexity limit has been exceeded and an alternative option is provided.
  • When analysing and troubleshooting programmatic activity, since bid level granularity from SSP deals and marketplaces is only available in Metamarkets.

Typical use cases:

  • Getting basic campaign reports.
  • Sharing reporting data with media buyers.

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