Note: The Insight Reporting UI and Insight Reporting REST API are scheduled to be deprecated. Starting on 15 January 2018, Ooyala will no longer be adding any functionality. If you are still using Insight Reporting UI or Insight Reporting REST API, then consider migrating to Custom Reporting and Custom Reporting API as soon as possible. Contact your Ooyala representative for details.
Insight is a reporting tool which can break down your data into the following parts:
  • Filters: define what part of the data in the data engine is of interest,
  • Dimensions: define how to break down the data in the report output,
  • Metrics: define the data points that you want to display in the report. Each metric is displayed in a separate column in the final report.
Insight is used for:
  • pulling reports,
  • creating new custom reports,
  • sharing reports with people without their own Pulse accounts.

All three uses are discussed in the following sections.

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