View a Custom Report

When you select a custom report that is ready from the list, the view looks as follows:

Custom Report View

Parts of a Custom Report

Part Name Description
1 Report Title The title and the creation date of the report.
2 Export Report Export the report to a .csv (comma separated values) or .xslx (Microsoft Excel) file. The name of the file is the same as the title of the report in all lower case and spaces are replaced with dashes (-). For example, if the name of the report is Primary metrics by month and city for sports, then the file name is primary-metrics-by-month-and-city-for-sports.<csv or xslx>. The resulting file always contains all columns.
3 Select Columns

Select which columns you want to see in the Custom Report view.

The list of columns shown depends on the dimensions and metrics selected for the report. For example:

Custom Report Select Columns
4 Sort Click any of the columns to sort the table according to that column in descending or ascending order.

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