Custom Reporting Interface Overview

When you open Custom Reporting from the Analytics menu (Custom Reporting access tab), you see the following dashboard:

Custom Reporting Interface Overview

Parts of Custom Reporting

Part Name Description
1 Create a Report Create a report in Custom Reporting
2 Report library

A list of all Custom Reports run in the past or currently running. The following statuses can occur:

  • Waiting: the report is waiting to be run.
  • In Progress: the report is currently being created.
  • Queued: the report is waiting to be run because there are already two reports waiting to complete.
  • Ready: the report is ready to be viewed and downloaded.
  • Failed: the report has failed to run.
  • Cancelled: the report was cancelled.
3 Details Show details about how many reports are running, how many reports are in queue, latency and clean up information.
4 Filter Filter the shown reports based on status and creation date.
5 Report actions Delete any report, irrespective of its status.

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