Ooyala Video Advertising and Ooyala Pulse

The primary business of Ooyala Video Advertising is serving video ads to the "New TV" and is one of the leading ad servers in the world. Ooyala Video Advertising's goal is to deliver individually selected ads to wherever you deliver your videos.

What is Ooyala Pulse?

Ooyala Pulse is Ooyala's ad serving platform. Pulse includes:
  • The Distribution Engine provides a powerful ad booking and distribution platform.
  • Device Awareness provides an automatic transcoding service with device detection and asset delivery so ad booking becomes device agnostic and video clients always get the most optimal video asset for their situation.
  • Integration Toolkits offers REST APIs for deep integrations, SDKs on several platforms for advanced client integrations and plug 'n play solutions on several platforms. The toolkits are backed up by the Professional Services team who can help you with your integration and create custom solutions to fit your needs.
  • Forecasting Engine allows you to forecast campaigns and inventory using a sophisticated simulation approach.
  • Insight Report provides you with a highly dynamic reporting tool that allows you to break down your data however you need.

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